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Bling Bathroom Decor at an Expense that You Can Afford

The bathroom of your apartment might be small but it doesn’t mean that it has to be shabby. The utilitarian concept has vanished almost a decade ago with the increasing popularity of periodic home makeover even in the most common of households. Trends keep changing with each new year and listed below are quintessential of 2019.

Contrasting Colours

Colour block has become one of the everlasting fashion trends of all seasons. But did you know that the same has been inherited by the 2019 bathroom decor, as well? The most prominent one these days is the combination of black matte with pale colours or whites. Replace the metallic shower head and faucets to form a stark contrast with the porcelain washbasin. Use light-hued wood for the vanity and cabinets to achieve the desired effect.


Spa-like Lighting

In modern apartments where space is an issue, the bathroom is the only place for the spa- culture to make its way into the home interiors. The need for effective task lighting clashes with the much wanted warm and soft lighting for that spa-like feel. Pasting LED strips underneath the overhead cabinets, is the trick you can’t go wrong with. Install lights enabled with adjustable brightness and temperature, only.


Green Pockets

If you are not devoted to plants but like sprinkles of green over your place then why miss the empty spots in your bathroom, especially near the window. Succulent is a great way to start with since you don’t need to take much care of it due to its drought-resistant nature. In this era of dreadful pollution, this little step can be highly beneficial to the environment and your health. Besides, a sense of rejuvenation also infuses the bathroom.


Clean and Edgy

Not just the body but even the bath fittings such as showerhead are eventually acquiring slimmer profiles. Change the bulky version with its slender counterpart that would appear ultra-stylish for an uber-cool look and effortless handling in the case of the movable ones. This is no complicated process and doesn’t need any expertise. A minimalist touch is a recent style to be included.


Woody Wedlock

The bathroom and wood accents share an eternal bond that is classy but becoming obsolete due to certain practical reasons such as humidity, exorbitant prices of quality wood due to large-scale deforestation and exhaustion of natural resources. Thankfully, timber finishes are available to clad the existing wooden vanity and cabinets. Include a few more accessories like towel ladder, shower or bath caddy with a similar finish.


Metal Match

Another easy trick to pull off a fresh look of the bathroom is swapping the cabinet knobs or handles with the ones having brushed metallic finishes. Choose your pick from amongst gunmetal grey, gold, nickel or stainless steel that are all the rage and are outstandingly sober at the same time.

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