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Does Your Kitchen Have Any of These Flaws? There is a Solution

Once you can identify the exact problem area of the kitchen, planning its renovation gets easier, especially budget-wise. Here, the common designing mistakes and home improvement tips to correct them have been discussed. Go through these to find out the difficulties in your kitchen that resemble any of these.

Open Shelving All Over

Too much of anything is never good to look at. The same can be said for only open shelving units in the kitchen almost devoid of cabinetry.

The China crockery or silverware are your proud possessions that need to be displayed but not the everyday coffee mugs or ketchup bottles.

The way out is to maintain a balance between open shelves and shelves or cabinets with closed doors to hide all the contents that need not be showcased.


Uninterrupted Use of Stainless Steel

Appliances with lustrous stainless steel or chrome finish mostly refrigerator have an expensive appearance and are the latest. But if from the smallest faucet to the biggest piece of equipment or backsplash flaunts the same finish, it will destroy the cosy feel of the kitchen.

Mix and match textures that complement each other. You can include different metal finishes or combine wood and metal.

Difficulty in Opening Cabinet Doors

Can the doors of two adjoining cabinets in your kitchen be opened together without one obstructing the other? If not so then it is a fault with the designing that needs to be corrected.

This is a factor to be considered when taking measurements and draw the design layout accordingly since re-doing the cabinet doors might leave an imperfect finish.

Inadequate Electrical Outlets

Do you have to plug out the mixer cord to switch on the microwave? This is due to the unavailability electrical outlets as per the positions of the different kitchen appliances. Remember, that your iPhone which, you can’t part with, also needs to be plugged in.

Plan the number of outlets as well as the strategic placement of those.

Improper Trash Management

The trash can hindering free movement to the countertop or you have to block any other important area of the kitchen so that you have enough space to stand at the counter.

Closed compartments or pull-out drawers underneath the countertops must be included in your kitchen design.


Only Overhead Lighting

If your kitchen is not adequately illuminated despite the overhead lighting, it indicates either accent or spot, or both of these lighting types are missing.

The addition of under-cabinet lighting is not just a solution for brightening your preparation areas but also a means of flaunting the decorative backsplash.

Track lighting is a must for adjusting the brilliance in areas as and when required since the individual light fixtures can be repositioned.


Absence of Ventilation

The smell of cooked food delights you only when you have the appetite but otherwise, it is one of the most annoying things to stand.

The oven hood though functional doesn’t compromise on style or fail to contribute to your kitchen’s decor. In case of space crunch, get a vented microwave installed.

For any problem related to the design or functionality of your home interior, contact for precise and reliable home repair service in Kolkata.

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