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How Can You Push Back Your Low Ceiling Up?

You cannot help but bear the distress of the low ceiling when shifting into a flat from that traditional ancestral home with tall rooms and long corridors. To make things peaceful for you, here a few amazing home makeover tricks have been shared to give you an impression of a taller ceiling.

Use of Colour

There are 3 options to choose from:

1. Paint the ceiling with a solid light-hued colour. Remember, the use of any dark shade would make the room cringe.

2. Use a complementing lighter colour than that of the walls to paint the ceiling. This will create an illusory height.

3. Another effective way of making the ceiling appear higher is to tone down the colour of the wall towards the ceiling. This requires a careful blending of the two different shades of the same wall paint so that the two cannot be differentiated from each other.


The Magic of Curtains

Hanging curtains at a fair distance from the lintel level always works, especially if the drapes are long and flowing from the ceiling to kiss the floors. Not only will the ceiling look taller but it will add elegance to the room and a luxurious feeling as well. Isn’t it fair to invest in premium fabrics for the multiple purposes the curtain serves? Closer the curtains are to the ceiling, taller is the appearance of the room.

Avoid Bulky or Complex Furniture Item

Clean and bold furniture designs are impactful to fill the room with just a couple of pieces. This will free up the space to divert your attention from the low ceiling. When purchasing furniture items, especially storage units or coffee table, choose the ones with a low height. Uninterrupted visibility of the floor and penetration of the natural light will make the room brighter and airy.

Modification of Windows and Doors

If possible, move the lintel levels of doors and windows towards the ceiling. Otherwise, install fixed architectural glass panels to induce openness through the entry of more natural light inside the room.


Addition of a Skylight

Leaving a portion in the middle of the ceiling transparent by covering it with glass is in trend and looks uber cool, especially in the bathroom giving it a spa-like feel. Glass doors and room divider screens also go a great way to compensate the unhappiness caused by a low ceiling. Available in amazing designs, these glass screens act as decorative accessories, too.

Amazing Lights

Instead of flush or spotlights in the ceiling, get wall sconces and pendant lights in artistic shapes for strategic reflection of light on the walls for an illusion of a tall space. The hanging lights would move your attention away from the ceiling.


Accent Wall

Introduce an accent wall that will steal the show, making you forget the low ceiling of the room. Painting vertical stripes on it would be more successful in increasing the height of the room, visually.

Don’t lose your heart because of a low ceiling but be thankful that you aren’t without a roof above your head. For more of such home interior related remedies, contact, your reliable home improvement company in Kolkata.

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