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How to Keep Your Kitchen Ever Interesting with these Renovation Tips?

Take a minute to look at the grey areas that have developed over the years and you will get the answer to why your kitchen doesn’t appear as it used to, earlier. Amidst the various branches of home makeover, the kitchen accounts for the greatest expense, which is why you shudder at the thought of revamping. Thus, we have come up with kitchen renovation ideas that are both easy on the pocket and execution.

Colour Update

Even if your kitchen is all-white, which is a trend these days, a change in the paint can transform it instantly. Select from warm neutrals since you can never go wrong with it, or to break free from the one wall colour throughout the room, implement a hue in contrast to it.

Appliance Upgrading

Is the juicer not working properly or bread slices not popping out of the toaster? If the appliances are in the condition to function a few more years then there is no need to stretch your budget for replacing them. Instead, clean them regularly so that no stain or blemish grows on them with time. Buying from shops that sell these goods in packages is a cost-effective option than purchasing each of them separately.

Cabinetry Facelift

Customization of cabinets account for a lion’s share of the renovation expenses but there is a trick to curtail it when you are in a tight budget. Rather than splashing out on carpentry work, apply a fresh coat of paint or reface the cabinets for an entirely new appearance. Swap the existing metal or iron handles for the updated brushed nickel counterparts available at reasonable prices.

Brighten the Corner

The inexpensive LED under-cabinet lighting not just effectively illuminate the countertop area for work. These are easy to install and are temporary fixtures. Lighting inside the open cabinets or those with glass doors adds a new dimension to space.

Lessen the Number of Doors

Yes, the cabinet or cupboard doors are being talked about here apart from the usual kitchen door. The difficulty of removing the door or wall which, partitions it from the dining or living room does not arise in a contemporary home with an open floor layout. But if the style of your home is traditional then stick to discarding the doors of a few cabinets and compartments. A swinging door occupies a certain amount of space that can be saved if you replace it with a sliding barn door for a modern cum rustic charm. The purchase and installation of such a door aren’t pricey, too.

Organization is Important

A mess is inherent to any type of kitchen while working in it but it has to be kept in check by keeping the cabinets, open shelves and countertops organised. Install separators in drawers, racks or sliders within the cabinets for utensils while the contents too, need to be in sync with each other. It wouldn’t be wrong to invest in the collection of quality materials such as glassware, bone china, silver, brass or copper utensils.

Peel and Stick Countertops

Changing the countertop entirely will cost you an arm and a leg but you can quite shake a leg with the stick and peel temporary laminates that come in striking textures like that of natural stones. If the counter shares a colour in common with the stools or the floor then its time you should opt for a different colour that would stand out.

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