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How to Plan the Budget for a Modular Kitchen ?

As you can modular kitchens have gained huge popularity these days, there are a couple of reasons behind it. Firstly, it best suits the open floor plan of the modern apartments that are half the size of traditional houses. Secondly, a kitchen made by the carpenter might either make you compromise on budget or style since it cannot be planned accurately beforehand. Given below are the factors for you to consider based on the amount you are willing to spend.

Shape and Size
The price of the modular setting increases with an increase in its size. No wonder, greater the area more space you will get inside the kitchen without having to use the dining table for chopping vegetable or utilize any corner in the house for installing any kitchen appliance. Plus, the floor size also plays an important role and sufficient space needs to be left in between the kitchen, dining and living room.

Raw Materials
The look of the modular kitchen is another noticeable point since it is no separate room but a setup almost like the seating and dining in the common hall of the house. Thus, you need to take care of the aesthetics, as well. The cost will vary as per the paintings or designs on the furniture pieces you choose.

Next comes the material that must be adequately durable to withstand heat and vapour and the expense will differ accordingly. Acquire a clear idea of the durability and price of different materials then it will be easier for you to estimate the costs. For instance, the commercial plywood is much inexpensive in comparison to marine plywood because of its high durability.

Appliance Installation
How expensive your modular kitchen will be, also depends on the type and installation of appliances. You have to shell out if you are planning to get all the required electrical goods other than the gas oven fitted into the kitchen at the time of its assembling. Or you can get the zones/ counters ready along with electricity connections for accommodating the gadgets as per your convenience.

If the reason behind installing the appliances later is the expense incurred on branded and certified items by the designer then better reject it. An investment in durable kitchen equipment will save on the future repair costs, in the long run.

Wall Tiles
Wall tiles including those of the backsplash not only make cleaning of the cooking stains easier but they even enhance the beauty of the kitchen. The degree of durability and the variety of design affect the cost of tiles such as ceramic, thereby influencing the overall budget planning.

Countertop Material
Coloured granite or quartz countertop looks classy and is highly durable but expensive. Natural granite countertops are both affordable and durable. Marble may be the crest jewel of all in terms of aesthetics but can’t stand the test of time.

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