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Make Your Bathroom the Most Adorable Space with these Lighting Tricks!

No matter how many number of times have you spent on the renovation of your bathroom. The desired enticing appearance of it can only be achieved when appropriate lighting techniques have been used. Given below are some bathroom makeover tips that elaborate the implementation of lighting fixtures at different positions with respect to functionality and aesthetics.

Recessed Lighting
Whether your bathroom has a false ceiling or not, the installation of recessed lights cannot be ignored since these act as sparkling stars to illuminate the overall space. Available in a variety of materials, colours, shapes and sizes, these are perfect for highlighting the bathroom vanity countertop when installed into a panel at the ceiling level.

Pendant Lights
Having different light fixtures installed in the bathroom but with similar functions, helps you in changing its look more often. At the same time, no light source alone is burdened with continuous functioning that might otherwise reduce its shelf life. Moreover, if you have enough space then hanging a pair of pendant lights that are also pieces of art, would make the bathroom exquisite. The best place to suspend them from is the ceiling portion right above the vanity mirror.

Wall Sconces
Whether rectangular, cylindrical, square, transparent or translucent, the wall sconces are perfect for adding a subtle grandeur on either side of or in between two mirrors. Or transfer it to the shower area to avoid any clutter or excessive radiance caused along with pendant lights. Why is it only the bathroom vanity but even the metallic towel rack needs to be highlighted with a wall sconce overhead.

Brighten the Mirror
How about adding a dash of colour in the form of light behind the bathroom mirror? There are two options available for it. One is the tubular sleek light while the other is the easy-to-install LED strips that is energy efficient, as well. Choose any one of these to transform your bathroom into a makeup room where artists get dressed.

Bathroom Sink Lighting
Keep the bathroom sink cabinet floating so as to save on floor space as well as make way for lighting underneath the cabinet that will reflect on the floor, thereby making your bathroom more alluring and spacious.

Huge Hanging Lamps
These inverted lamps that are usually larger in size than the rest of the aforementioned light fixtures, will break the monotony of the bathroom ambience caused by light fixtures of similar sizes. Besides, these impart an all-in-all lavish feel.

If you are planning your next bathroom remodelling project then these suggestions would be handy for you. For any assistance or advice you need, contact, your reliable home improvement contractor in Kolkata. We have solutions ready for every micro to macro requirements in revamping your home such as, electric works, plumbing, painting, flooring, false ceiling and anything you name. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we make the best possible arrangements to maintain balance between practicality, durability, aesthetics and budget.

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