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Think Big for the Renovation of Your Small Kitchen

You obviously cannot stretch your kitchen to make it bigger in size but at the same time, you need not leave it plain and simple by appearance. Given below are a few home makeover tips that would make your kitchen all new with a unique style.

Organized Kitchen Cabinets
All those ladle hanger and utensil racks that were mounted on the walls, must be swept of and implemented within the cabinets to make them organized in a stylish manner while keeping the contents out of sight for absolutely clutter free counters.

Use of Glossy Surfaces
Right from the appliances with stainless steel finishes to the cabinets and countertops, every surface in the kitchen must be glossy so as to reflect more light, thereby making it brighter and attractive. But make sure that you are investing in quality materials otherwise a cheap gloss could mar the look of your kitchen.

Pops of Colour
A wholly colourful kitchen looks as awful as one with a neutral colour scheme. Inject splashes of colour in different parts or through furniture items and see the magic for yourself. Remember, no wonder how expensive the materials used. Monotony is the greatest drawback of any interior decoration.
The use of solid colour instead of patterned, would best serve the purpose. For instance, a glass backsplash with a painted back or the kitchen island stools as colour blocks standing out from the colour theme of the rest of the kitchen.

Kitchen Seating
An eating bar has become symbolic of a contemporary fashionable kitchen and you must not dare to ignore despite the small size of your area. The trick is to extend the countertop instead of including a kitchen island, and make a seating arrangement. A little splurge on the chairs or stools can render your space stylish and uber-cool.

Let in Natural Light
Brightness is the key to a spick and span kitchen apart from enabling it with smart storages or impressive furnishings.
The addition of a skylight in the ceiling would take your kitchen to another level with the mood inside changing as per the variations in natural light 24×7.

Accentuate it Right
Did you know that the most common objects of daily use can become sensational accessories to give your kitchen its signature style. Such as, rattan baskets, planters, chalkboards, vintage jars, etc. The trick lies in including all of these accessories in a manner that none of them appears out of place.

Mix and Match
As mentioned earlier that monotony is harmful to a successful kitchen décor, it would be fair enough to opt for a combination of different furnishing raw materials instead of sticking to one. For instance, if wood is your choice for the cabinetry then use a separate material for the countertops.

What are you waiting for now? Get ready to spin up an ultra-modern style statement for your gloomy kitchen with the assistance of the reliable home improvement contractor in Kolkata, We come up with simultaneously practical and fancy concepts to cater to your home beautification needs irrespective of its size or space.

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