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This Winter Make Your Balcony the Outdoor Dining Space?

They say make hay while the sun shines and what better time could be than winter to soak in the sun? Whether the front or back porch of the house, wherever you get sunlight till it sets, is suitable for the perfect outdoor dining space for a warm lunch. If you have shifted to a new apartment or the verandah of your house has simply been wasted all these years then its to time for shaping it up. A little bit of this and that have been used to churn out a short outing at home, especially on Sundays. This home makeover is an antidote to the time and expenses demanded by weekend lunch dates with partners.

Explore Your Likes

Don’t beat your brains out but only focus on both of your natures, where you like travelling the most or what are the hues that give your romance a high. This will help you a great extent in deciding the theme. For instance, if beach shacks are your favourite hangouts then a dining table and chairs made of wooden plank would be ultimate. Coat them with fresh white paint for a pristine and polished look.

Pops of Colour

A monochrome style does not jell with the various naughty, stormy or sweet turns in your conversations. Adding colour to the space in small doses is a temporary solution to handle wisely whatever situation may arise. Place Turkish towels on the chair backs to delight your eyes, wrap yourselves or playfully hit at each other!


Authentic Lighting

Take your time off from the electric-powered lights and feel the evening sky amidst candle- lit glass hurricane lanterns. A couple of them would be enough to gaze at each other and the well-laid table of course, while you can remain unseen by the rest of the world. Isn’t that what you call a couple’s retreat?

Accessorize the Table

Don’t thrust unnecessary load on the table or else it might turn topsy-turvy but you can’t keep it blank either. Exotic fruits like pineapple, grapes, oranges are rich in colour and vitamins to whet one’s appetite.


Classy and Cozy

You don’t have to bust your chops for transforming the casual seating into an elegant arrangement in an instant. Replace the dining chairs with a picnic bench of a rustic finish and just throw a sheepskin rug on it. Wood and white is an unfailingly successful combination ensuring warmth and luxury.

Healthy Ambience

The smell and beauty of flowers fade in no time while succulents can add to your oxygen intake making the air pollution free as against the outdoors. Green is good for the eyes, would appear off-beat and do not require much maintenance.


Functionality cum Style

An antique sculpture or cauldron would resemble a landscaped garden and not a corner that is fun to be in. Instead, use any fascinating new or antique metal object that appears indispensable without highlighting its actual use, which is beautification. Say, an exquisite copper urn to place the mini succulents or a rusty wind vane for that farmhouse feel.

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