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Tips of Brightening the Room Other than Painting it Fresh

Even if the walls of a room are painted in not a very light hue that you like, it can be brightened without the toil or expense of repainting it. Here, multiple home renovation tips have been discussed that can make the room appear less dark and more open.

Optimize the Windows

Windows are the sole gateways for natural light into the room. The type of window treatments you use must be light or transparent so that the room gets enough natural light throughout the day.

  • Solar shades made of translucent material keeps of the harmful ultraviolet rays without blocking the sunlight when pulled down. Due to the absence of veins or slats, you can’t get a view of the outside while the room doesn’t remain dark either.
  • Long curtains flowing from the ceiling to the floor look elegant and you can shut them off whenever you require privacy. White sheers add elegance to the room and keep the heat in check without blocking the outside view or sunlight.
  • If there isn’t enough space for curtains then keep it neat by installing blinds or shutters in shades of white and not any other colour.

The type of window treatment used in the room has a direct impact on its mood and ambience.


Balance Out Bold Walls

The trick of making a boldly painted room luminous without changing the wall colour is to balance it out with white wainscoting on the wall’s lower half. Thus, you don’t have to compromise on your heart’s desire for painting the room in a bright colour or reduce its prominence.

Or create geometric shapes out of white moulding to decorate the lower half of the wall outlining it with a white chair rail at a height of about 1/3 rd of that of the room. See the magic created by a pop of white.


Tone Down the Floor Colour

A light-hued flooring can go a long way in brightening up the room with both coloured walls. If you have an intense desire to paint the room with that particular hue then tone down the flooring colour. When using wood, opt for the lighter shades instead of hardwood.

There is also a way out if changing the stone or dark wood flooring is impossible. Demarcate different zones with the use of area rugs in very light colours.


Light-Hued Furniture

The shade of wood or upholstery has to be light when placing furniture items in a room with bold or bright coloured walls otherwise the room will appear dark. In case a piece of furniture cannot be replaced such as the sofa, accentuate it with throw rugs or cushions in pale colours.


Use of Mirrors

Last but not the least, mirrors are the most powerful in terms of brightening a dark room since these reflect natural light from outside when hung on the wall opposite to the window. Choose from different shapes, oversized, framed or unframed to make your room not just bright but visually spacious as well.

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