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Tips to Make Your Home Bigger and Better

Out of every hundred households, 99 face the problem of space shortage either due to the apartment sizes or non-organization of clutter over the years. The same home that charmed you earlier becomes a boring place lacking lustre. Any task, which involves time and money, keeps getting deterred by the conscience. Even home renovation experience can leave you overjoyed and not regretful or exhausted.

Do Away with Walls

A naked apartment appears spacious and more open than after the completion of rooms and furnishing. The actual reason behind this difference is the presence of walls limits the space but it also cannot be entirely avoided. Thus, use transparent or translucent partitions such as glass dividers for separating the rooms from each other. These allow the penetration of light, thereby adding brightness to the otherwise gloomy rooms. Except for the bathroom and bedroom, the other areas of the house don’t require permanent demarcations. Curtains and designer screens are very much in trend.

Wise Positioning of Mirrors

How many times a day do you check your look on the mirror glass at home, office washroom, car or the mobile phone? A floor-length mirror when placed against or horizontally across an entire wall, reflects the overall image of the other side of the room that gives an illusion of additional space. If mounted right, mirrors of similar sizes can create extra windows in the room. These multifarious pieces are fit for any theme of decor used and can accentuate almost any space at a given point of time.

Streamline the Bed Frame

A disorganized bedroom calls for a platform bed. Its clean lines and contemporary but simple look make it popular other than the reasonable price. These beds provide space underneath, which is the most appropriate to tuck in shoes or any other object that had been lying on the floor for decluttering the room in an instant. Assured stability and integrated storage are the other benefits.

Optimization of Height

The increasing number of levels in high rises has caused the ceiling height of individual apartments to dwindle. As a result, modern homes are constantly losing openness that distinguishes them from the ancestral homes that abounded with open space. A two- bedroom flat can never be equivalent to an entire house but the feeling can certainly be revived through vertical sightings inside the room. Guessing how? Instead of crowding the floor space with cupboards or cabinets, utilize the wall length between the ceiling and floor to install shelving units. The trick is the same as that of wearing vertical stripes to appear taller.

Bare Bathroom

In the age of body exposure, the concept of bare physical spaces is justified. Your intimacy too, won’t get harmed since bathrooms nowadays are mostly attached to the bedrooms. Translucent walls for the bathroom can be bold, romantic but even relaxing and feeling close to Nature when you take shower within a naturally illuminated space due to light streaming through. This is the ultimate means of widening up cramped washrooms.

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