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Ways to Make Your Home Your Private Movie Theatre

Digital home theatre devices are a common sight in most well-to-do households with sleek living or media rooms. Those who do not have a splendidly large apartment or spaces to spare must not lose heart since here you will find out how even an ordinary living room can provide you with a grand movie viewing experience. And if you have an idle basement room then nothing like it. Given are some easy home renovation ideas to start with your once-shelved project.


Minimum exposure to natural light and outdoor sounds make the basement room ideal for creating a home theatre. Its noise-cancellation property saves the expense of sound- proofing renovations. Paint the walls with a royal navy blue to complement classic frilled upholstered chairs with round backs and seats. Play with velvet upholstery keeping the furniture items down-to-earth so that they befit different purpose and occasions.

Walk-in Closet

The enclosed space naturally keeps light in check almost replicating a black box theatre though in a miniature form. It is the perfect spot for a luxurious but minimalist built-in seating with cushions of contrasting patterns carefully laid on it. Nowhere on earth, you can get more intimacy than this to be with your partner, what to say of a public theatre.

Sound Acoustics

For the theatre-like experience, drywall insulation is essential since it prevents the movement of sound from the room cutting your ties with the rest of the house and vice- versa. Reserve love seat sofa made of beige suede for your late-night movie dates at weekends. Get a slender lacquered table with a round top to save on the floor space.

Hide Wiring

The sight of wires dangling or lying in the floor mars the appearance of any ordinary room then what to say of an updated movie-watching theatre at home that needs to look stylish and neat. Use tubing to conceal the wires for clutter-free walls.

Importance of Carpeting

Carpet is not just meant for making a room plush but for preventing the sound from getting echoed. Besides, the floor acts as the seat where you can sit or lie down with friends during your binge-watches on Sundays. Go for a low sectional sofa and coffee table that will occupy only a section of the room.

Screen Size

The screen should be proportional to the room, in terms of the wall size on which, it would be mounted. If the walls of the room are already painted white then make the most of it by using a projector. This option is certainly favourable for maintaining your eye health and budget since the money for purchasing the screen is saved.


Gallery Theme

Depending on the size of the room, a couple of platforms in successive heights can be constructed against the wall to arrange reclining loungers or ottomans for that cinema hall effect. Install art deco sconces on the sidewalls and all you need is popcorn to munch on while throwing some at the villain on screen. Olive green upholstery is both contemporary and classy.


Kids of this generation are more friendly with gadgets than toys. Thus, it is an excellent idea to convert your son’s playroom into a media room where he will be shown animated videos of nursery rhymes. For that chirpy look, apply wallpaper with a repeating motif on a dark base to avoid reflection of light on the walls. Matching area rug, cushions and low- seating would be the safest option so that the little one doesn’t trip off.

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